Investing In The Creative Spirit!

Who We Are

We are micro -cap holding company that invests in and manages creative venture projects with growth potential that are complimentary with our business model. The growth of these ventures are driven by individuals who have a creative entrepreneurial spirit.

Our Mission

To provide the resources for our creative ventures to achieve long term success and positively impact society.

Our Values

  • Integrity – We do the right thing the right way
  • Growth – We strive to improve every day
  • Financial Responsibility – We are financially disciplined in all financial matters
  • Community of Spirit – We integrate community in all of our ventures


William Kieger, the Founder and CEO of General Finance and Development, Inc. has over 30 years of experience in business development and management. He has extensive experience in private and public company development projects in addition to start-up and spin-off ventures.

William Kieger